Flake Coatings

Flake Coatings

We create beautiful and durable coatings using Dulux Avista Flake Coatings, there are many colour options, designs and finishes available.

Epoxy resin flooring has become a prime choice for homeowners, as it not only looks fantastic, it's easy to maintain, repels chemicals and is mould resistant.

Flake Epoxy systems are an alternative flooring solution to tiles, vinyl, hardwood, laminate and carpets. The flakes/chips provide an added layer of protection to the concrete surface while at the same time providing a seamless, durable, hygienic, decorative and low maintenance solution to flooring.


Flake systems are popular choices for spaces such as garages, kitchens, living and dining rooms, bathrooms or entire homes. These systems are also excellent for almost any outdoor application while offering long-lasting colour and appeal.

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